The BscotchID system for cross-game perks, friend leaderboards, messaging, gifting and community content is propagating through Google Play for both Flop Rocket and Roid Rage AS WE SPEAK. If you haven't gotten your own BscotchID yet, YOU FREAKIN' SHOULD, and you should right here.

WHY would you do that?! Because you, like us, want to see something different on mobile. Games you can feel like you own a piece of, and that follow you from device to device. And because you believe that the games you play actually have value, and that the developers behind them, human as they are, should make a few bucks for their efforts.

bsid preview](

Flop Rocket on Android now has an additional 8 upgrade tracks, bigger, crazier spaceducks, a fistful of powerups, a small slice of STORY PIE, and an actual ending. Once you've BUTTERED UP, through our fancy new BscotchID system, you can take advantage of cloud-saving and start working your way up the friend leaderboards.

Check out the new trailer and take your Flop Rocket for a spin!

Roid Rage on Android has had NEARLY ALL OF ITS ART replaced, as well as a rather hefty optimization pass. So if you'd like to get angry at your phone today, and have its battery crushed into dust, check out the new trailer and then get it on google play.

We'll be monitoring the system until Thanksgiving, making bugfixes, and then taking a MUCH NEEDED BREAK.