Captain? More like SCRAPtain! AMIRITE?

As some of you may have heard, we have been working on a space-adventure RPG, code-named "Captain!" Development was pretty slow-going, and we kept backtracking on our designs and redesigning most major portions of the game over and over. After three weeks of two-steps-forward-three-steps-back development, we've decided to scrap Captain and bring things back into our wheelhouse. What is our wheelhouse? GREAT QUESTION. It's game jamming. More on that in a moment.

We know lots of our fans were super pumped for a Butterscotch Shenanigans space adventure game, and we're sorry to let you down. It pains our elbows deeply. But the damned thing wasn't coming together, and we refuse to launch something that we ourselves aren't having much fun playing. However, that's not to say that there will never be a Butterscotch space game. Just not at this precise moment in time.

You might be asking, "If there's no 'Captain!', then what's the next game?" READ ON, SISTAH!


Quadropus Rampage and Towelfight 2 both have their origins in game jams -- events wherein you create a playable game from scratch in under 48 hours. We created the original QR for the 7-day Roguelike Challenge, and Towelfight 2 is the sequel to Towelfight of the Gods, which we created during the Global Game Jam in 2012.

YOU SEE, DEAR READER, Sam and I honed our game development chainsaws in game jams. One might say that game jams were the birth canal that squeezed us into the world of game development, crying, screaming, and covered in Butterscotch flavored juices. The game jam environment is amazing because it forces you to keep things in scope. When your time is so limited, you can't make a big game. So you pare down your design idea to one thing that really matters, and you build your whole game around that one core idea. When we founded Butterscotch, that was the approach we wanted to use with all our games.

However, since the 3.5-month grind of Towelfight 2 and the 10-week grind of Quadropus, we fell off that wagon. Our brains are so used to plugging away at content creation and polish, we've lost sight of our game jammy design roots, and that fact was at the core of what caused us so much trouble with "Captain!" So today we're announcing a little thing we call THE BUTTERSCOTCH JAM. Want to know more about it? Then shove this big-assed FAQ TACO into your gelatinous face orbs!

THE BUTTERSCOTCH JAM: Here is some information about it.

Q: WTF is the Butterscotch Jam?

A: Great question, Greg! The Butterscotch Jam is not merely a game jam; it is a SERIES OF TINY GAME JAMS. It goes like this. From Monday the 19th through Friday the 23rd, we will be making a new game every day, spending no more than 8 hours on each game.

S: 8 HOURS? That seems pretty short.

2: That's because IT IS. STEVE. Most game jams are 48 hours. Some of the really short ones are 24. This one is 8. Why? Because suck it, that's why. Most games coming out of this jam will be pretty bare-bones, but the goal here is to reach what's known in the business as ludicrous speed. No time for idle chit-chat in this jam. WE'VE GOT GAMES TO MAKE AND HEARTS TO BREAK!

&: What's the point of all this?

A: Why do you have to be so confrontational? For starters, it's fun. Also, we're exploring ideas for our next game, and game jams are an amazing way to rapidly prototype new things. The great thing about a game jam is there is no pressure to make something huge or even marketable -- you just get some really weird or hilarious idea and run with it. Oddly, that removal of pressure can cause some pretty cool things to come out.

M: Will we, your fans, be able to play the games you guys make during the Butterscotch Jam?

B: We aren't going to make any promises on that front. Some of them -- scratch that, all of them -- will be pretty goddamn ugly. There's not a lot of room for polish in 8 hours. But there's always a chance. Although we will write up a short blog post about each game we make, and probably throw together a Youtube video in which we discuss the game's features and what we were going for.

P: Can I join you guys in THE BUTTERSCOTCH JAM?

F: FOR PETE'S SAKE, YES! At the beginning of each day (probably around 8:30 central time) we'll announce what theme we're working with for that day via twitter. For all things Butterscotch Jammy, we'll be using the hashtag: #BscotchJam If you want to join us in jamming, feel free to write up a post on your own blog or make a youtube video showing the game you made that day, and we'll link to it from our daily blog post. The rules are:

  1. You can't spend more than 8 hours on the game. However, those 8 hours can be whenever you like. This also means that you can't come in with a pre-built game.
  2. Using pre-written scripts and music is fine, so long as they're supplemental to the game and not the entire frickin game.
  3. It has to relate to the theme, at least in spirit. Even if the final game really has nothing to do with the theme, you had to have at least used the theme for inspiration.
  4. You can have as many people on your team as you like. Except for Steve. He must be by himself.
  5. You may, in fact, talk about the Butterscotch Jam.

R: Do I have to make a game every day? Can I do just one day?

E: No. You absolutely must make a game every day for five days straight. WHAT? OF COURSE you don't have to do it every day. We will be, but you don't have to.


V: WELL THAT'S JUST TYPICAL. But that's okay. We fully intend to do another Butterscotch Jam after we launch our next game. Our games tend to take 10-14 weeks to make, so it won't be that long until the next one.

X: Will there be judging of the games?

Z: Yes. Everyone who sees your game will judge it. Harshly. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD.