We had this big bald spot in Crashlands’ game design. The combat fell flat over time and player choice started feeling a bit sparse. After a long look in the mirror we realized that we already had all the wispy design strands necessary to get maximum fun-coverage... we just needed to comb them into alignment. SO THAT’S WHAT WE’RE DOIN’!

The COMBOver Patch features an overhaul of combat with 36 new weapons and a brand new COMBO system, plus new unlockables like the Hardcore game mode in which you can only die once, the Creative mode for those who like building magnificent bases or turning their maps into pixel art, and new achievements!

Discuss the patch in the community lounge, peruse the deets below, or just GET BACK IN THERE, ‘cause it’s live now, sucka!


New Weapons

  • HOW ABOUT A SIP OF VARIE-TEA?! We added 36 new weapons so you can choose from an axe, a sword, or a hammer at each station. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! We’ve totally reworked the three weapon types to give them a heaping injection of SASS!
    • Bleed Now only appears on Swords, and Sword attack speed has been increased dramatically. It’s a death by a thousand cuts!
    • Stun Now only appears on Hammers, and Hammers have been slowed down and made to hit harder. Also, while wielding a hammer, every problem will begin to look like a nail.
    • Axes have been completely redone. Their attack speed is between Swords and Hammers, and they come with Berserking on them instead of Crit. Berserking will no longer be found on any other weapon types, except some legendaries. This change will also allow Axes to take advantage of certain berserking combo effects (see below).
  • Your hotbar has been EXPANDED! We have added a completely new type of hotbar slot, reserved entirely for consumable healing items, such as potions, Fatheaded Slurpers, and Baconweed. This hotbar slot will automagically equip whatever is your best healing item, so you never have to worry about whether you’re eating the right plant.


  • If you’ve been wanting to try out different combinations of Trinkets and Gadgets to experiment with new play styles, now you can! Shortly before entering the Bawg, Flux gains access to the SET SWAPPER. It gives you a one-touch button to swap out your hotbar and trinkets with a totally different set! Now you can optimize for harvesting and for murder! Or just different kinds of murder. Or speed! Or defense! Or... whatever!



Most Trinkets, Gadgets, and Devices now have hidden Combos, viewable once Crafted from the Equipment manager. Combos trigger when certain effects are already on the target, or certain buffs are affecting Flux. Some examples: Stun Mirror: If the target is already stunned, strikes them with lightning. Blo-Pipe: If the target is bleeding, deals more poison damage. Smash Racket: If the target is stunned, sometimes catch them on fire, too! Enemies have been rebalanced to somewhat accommodate the extra damage you’ll be dishing.



  • Hardcore mode - Unlocks once you enter the Bawg for the first time. Minimum dialogue, maximum clenching of buttox. This new game mode lets you experience the thrill of near death with a no-frills crafting experience. Crafting times are sped up, costs are decreased, and recipes drop from all that stuff out in the world. See how far you can go, defeat every boss, compare your score with other players, and unlock new achievements!

Hardcore Board

  • Creative Mode - Unlocks once you enter the Bawg in Story Mode. All the floors, doors, and more! Build an architectural masterpiece with a never-ending supply of basebuilding materials and instant crafting. And don’t worry about dying here - you can’t!



Crashlands is coming to SWITCH. We have no timeline on this yet, but we’ll have announcements as the project progresses! BscotchID will be replaced by the new and improved Rumpus webtech. We’ll have more details later on what this will mean for YOU! Then we’ve got our eyes on an exploration and discovery overhaul of Crashlands. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? YOU’LL FIND OUT. Stay tuned.