We've got an updated APK at the link here.

Remember that this version is a test version and will kill itself on March 1st, so SQUEEZE IN AS MUCH GAME TIME AS YOU CAN! And as always, we'd love to hear your feedback. You can comment on this post, email us, or just tap the "feedback" button in the in-game menu. Thanks for your support!

Towelfight 2 v0.0.48 APK Change Log after the jump


  • Relics disappeared from the interface. This has been fixed. Oops.
  • “First dungeon” is now being saved properly. You should no longer see the dialogue multiple times.
  • Pressing the “menu” button on your phone no longer closes the map and causes explosions.
  • “Rabies Injection” is too long (didn’t fit in the window). Changed to “Rabies.”
  • When a door was destroyed and replaced with a boss door, it sometimes spawned an arrow. It should no longer do this.
  • The arena now saves your best time instead of your most recent one.
  • When dropping multiple puffer fish at once, they no longer stack on top of one another. They have a bit of randomness in their distribution (if they don’t have the beach ball).
  • Mimics no longer spawn inside of turrets.
  • In some cases, the twitter feed on the main menu was causing the game to crash. The feed has been removed for now.


  • Increased the chance of warp pads spawning (35% instead of 25%). They still can only spawn >5 rooms away from existing portals, however.
  • The escalation of rewards from the Arena has been increased from 6% increased payout per tier to 10%.


  • Made a bunch of the forest enemies appear much sooner. Some of them were appearing after Wilbur.
  • Gerblin’s turning radius has been slowed when he is in speedy mode, and his health has been reduced slightly (120 -> 110).
  • “Floaties” (the green bubble guys in the Purple Marsh of Death) now drop to the ground more frequently, and they stay on the ground longer.


  • Pufferfish are no longer destroyed when they run into obstacles or enemies. They have also had their firing pattern changed -- rather than fire in a 90 degree grid, they fire four (or 6) projectiles randomly.
  • The puffer’s six-pack now makes it fire six projectiles instead of eight.
  • The whale has been given a shorter detonation time (1.5 seconds, down from 3).
  • Hashtag deuces have been given a shorter detonation time (1 second, down from 2).
  • The turtle shell “worm” augment’s chance of spawning a new turtle shell has been reduced to 30%.

Quality of Life

  • Doors now have a small timer (half second) before opening after completing a room. This is to allow the player to avoid accidentally scooting into an adjacent room right at the conclusion of combat.


  • Reduced the particle count of fires. They should be less laggy.
  • Reduced overall particle density by half to reduce “slow-motion effect” on older devices.
  • Shockwaves produced by enemies are destroyed if they are off-screen. This should help reduce lag in the arena.


  • The dungeons now have their own music. Thanks, Joe!

User Interface

  • Jectile augments are now displayed on the clip itself, as well as on the clip inside the clip editor.