Note: These patch notes are not final. Some of the changes below may not make it into the final patch. Do not panic. CALM ... HEY... SIT DOWN. RELAX.

Target release dates:

  • Android: Monday, March 4th
  • iOS: Submission to Apple Monday, March 4th. Expected approval by march 15th.

Patch 1.1 Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Patched a memory leak that was sometimes causing games to slow down and ultimately crash until rebooted.
  • After the game is beaten, you should now still get to talk with the dudes at your home base.
  • Hardik no longer gets stuck on dungeon doors when entering rooms from the side or top.
  • A few players were experiencing game crashes upon loading their saves. This should be fixed (in most cases). If you experienced this bug and it is not fixed, contact us and we’ll get it working!
  • Reduced game slowdown when craptons of coins pop out of enemies' torsos.


  • The game now supports the XPeria Play for combat movement and shooting. The "Select" button activates your relics.
  • An option has been added to the in-game menu to set the D-pads to the middle or bottom of the screen.
  • An option has been added to the in-game menu to change the D-pads from “floating” to “fixed” position.
  • The default setting for the D-pads is 8-way movement, fixed position, settled in the bottom corners of the screen.

Three New ‘Jectiles

  • We have added one new 'Jectile to the Marsh, Forest, and Nightmare each. These 'Jectiles and their augments cannot be purchased in the store, and they will only appear after the last boss in their relative zones have been defeated. They are special.

Tim the Magician

  • A new NPC who you can find anywhere in the world. He will come to your home base and will cast powerful 5-minute enchantments on you! For a price...


  • Enemies will sometimes (about 1/8 times) respawn in already-cleared rooms.
  • The Twitbird’s hashtag deuce now bounces toward the center of the room slightly. This should prevent you from having ineffective hashtag deuces uselessly exploding outside the walls.
  • The turtle shell now lasts a variable amount of time, based on your current shoot speed.

GameCenter (iOS)

  • All arena challenges now have associated GameCenter leaderboards.


  • Slightly reduced the number of enemies in the arena at a given time. This should allow the arena to run more smoothly on lower-end devices.
  • The number of arena “fixed enemy” challenges has been reduced to 5, and the rewards from the arena have been reduced to be not quite so absurd (although still substantial).
  • Every 100 enemies you defeat in the arena, you take an extra half-heart of damage per injury. This caps out at 2 hearts per injury. A message will appear on screen each time the difficulty is increased.
  • New challenge mode: Endless Arena -- See how many enemies you can defeat before you get utterly destroyed and humiliated! It’s free to enter, and enemies drop the normal amount of coins. You do not lose coins upon death in the Endless Arena.

GUI Updates

  • Full revamp of in-game menu
  • Hardik’s face and the reticle have been made a bit bigger on the Dpads, and the Dpads themselves have been scaled up slightly.