Player 2 can now play as Juicebox

Juicebox's S.T.R.A.W.™ not only harvests resources but also brings additional firepower to the battlefield. But watch out, the enemies are gonna try to kick his robotic butt too now!

Juicebox has a few special moves up his mechanical sleeves...

And he is also a great fishing partner!


How to Juicebox

If your device is connected with 2 controllers, player 2 can just press Start to join, or hold Start to leave.

If you only have 1 controller, you can go to the Settings Menu from the title screen or the Control Settings menu from the pause screen and enable the Assign Controller to Player 2 option.


Other Quality of Life Improvements

  • Controller Support
    • Added the lock-on-target function to the left shoulder button
    • Right joystick is now used to select targets
    • Added Switch controller layout in addition to ABXY and Shapes
    • World map filtering system now also has controller support
  • BSID Interface
    • Loading time has been significantly sped up
    • Multiple perk-unlocks will only show one message now instead of hogging the screen top forever
    • Notification popups are much more subdued now
  • Story Mode
    • The Yellowstone outpost has been updated
    • The beginning of Bawg quests are streamlined to let you get back in action faster
    • Wild vommas have made the decision to become more active. Now they walk around!