[UPDATE: The prototype is now OFFLINE]

[Update 2014/10/19: Many of you played our prototype, some of you quite intensely, but the time has come to terminate this little project. Don't worry, it will be back in ~6 weeks as a much better game!]

The St. Louis Scatterjam was this weekend, and HOLY MOLY was it cool. 34 games came out of it and about 130 people participated. It was all kinds of fun.

scatterjam | We mc'd the CRAP outta that. |

We've done a lot of jams up to this point, so we decided to try and take things up a notch by making an MMO in 48 hours.

Taking from our wheelhouse of actiony, procedurally generated games, we took the FENCE part of the theme (FENCE and SPRING were the themes) and made up a story where the Great Narwhal Tribes have united in an attempt to destroy a Chik'Rub hive which has sprung up near their home.

The gameplay is a simple click-to-stab, where the Narwhal under your control dashes and stabs the crap out of whatever is in its path. The music changes depending on your specific tribe (Red, Green, or Bluish), and the sound effects are squishy and awesome. Huge thanks to Fat Bard, our composer team, for working with us this weekend and producing so many phenomenal audio pieces. Here's a taste:

you can find the whole album at the end of this post

BUT THE INTERESTING PART. Is that it's an MSORLRPG (Massively Single-Player Online Rogue-Lite Role Playing Game). The game itself unlocks new content as the community plays the game - players collect JUICE which gets fed into the collective juice pool, which causes the game to level up, adding additional depths for players to dive, new enemies to fight, and new artifacts to discover. The progression of the community as a whole unlocks new progression possibilities for individual players!

We really like the concept and the art direction and plan on taking this game to the publishing stage sometime after Crashlands, and working on it in bits to keep ourselves fresh along the way.

While we're not PUBLISHING or launching this beast yet, you can play the experimental version on PC and on your android device. You'll need a bscotchid. We're hard-limiting it at 1000 players to begin, to make sure we don't put ourselves into debt with some poorly made server calls. You'll get randomly assigned to a faction, as well. I'm Red, Adam is Green, and Seth is Bluish. Did we mention the faction that is leading in Juice Contributions gets a 10% damage bonus?

The community content unlocks are as follows:

  • Community level 1

  • Depth 1 available

  • Chik'Rub workers appear (tall guys)

  • Tennis racket artifact can drop

  • Eggs can spawn

  • Community level 2

  • Depth 2 available

  • Chik'Rub diggers appear (ball guys with multi-shot)

  • Pirate hook artifact can drop

  • Rocks can spawn

  • Community level 3

  • Depth 3 available

  • Chik'Rub fliers appear (flying guys with aoe drop)

  • Moldy boot artifact can drop

  • Explodobushes can spawn

  • Community level 4

  • Depth 4 available

  • Bitten apple artifact can drop

Artifacts, once added to the drop pool, can drop from any chest on any depth.