Youuuuu maaaake me feel like a dang-erous recap

Quadropus Remastered

We mentioned on this week’s podcast that Sam’s been revisiting old art for the upcoming Remastered version of Quadropus Rampage. He’s making Tack less tacky, the enemies more menacing, and the weapons... weaponier. JUST LOOK AT THESE THINGS. quadropus remastered weapons I think it’s safe to say that he’s improved somewhat in three years.

PixelPop Festival

The Bscotch crew will be invading PixelPop Festival this weekend WITH BOTH KNOWLEDGE AND CANDY. Seth will be giving a talk about how to Do What You Want (or don’t, he’s not your dad), Adam will be speaking on a panel about how to promote your games, and Carol will be giving a talk and speaking on four panels (Women in Games, Analog Design, Games: What’s the Point?, and Voice Acting for Games). Slap your supple eyeballs on the event schedule and clear your weekend plans so you can fill your brain with GAMES AND IDEAS AND BUTTERSCOTCH.

Steam Dev Days

As if PAX, XPO, and PixelPop weren’t enough to keep us completely drained of lifeforce, Seth and Adam are on the way to Seattle (again) next week to attend Steam Dev Days! Send us a tweet if you’ll be around and want to meet up to say hey and give some hand hugs.

BSID Updates

A much-improved BscotchID interface is ON THE WAY. Your eyeballs will no longer curl into withered husks every time you try to log into the BSID page. We’re figuring out this graphic design thing REAL GOOD.