juicemancylogo We've got a BIG OL' CRASHLANDS PATCH sliding down the Butterscotchy dev tubes. It's called the Juicemancy Update, and it's going to crush your entire body under the weight of its beauty. Here's a little tingly taste of what's to come!

  • In the name of player specialization, we've added an entirely new game system called JUICEMANCY! Juicemancy allows you to channel craptons of energy into your equipment, giving you the ability to reroll equipment stats, upgrade equipment to more powerful states, and even manipulate the stats on equipment to make your armor and weapons more specialized. Ever wanted to become a master of lightning, a poison monster, or a turbo-speed berserking brawler? Now you can! Once you complete the Bawg quest-chain to learn the ways of Juicemancy, that is.
  • If you're a desktop Crashlands player, throw your keyboard and mouse IN THE TRASH, because we've got full controller support now! At the patch's launch, we'll support XBox, PS4, Steam controllers, and anything else that uses XInput.
  • Now throw your controller in the trash and take your keyboard back out of the trash, because we've also got WASD controls!
  • Are you a mobile player and feeling left out with all these control updates? NEVER FEAR! We also added mobile controller support! So throw your device in the trash and then play on it from a smell-safe distance with your bluetooth controller! (Currently verified working on Android, and we'll be testing iOS controller support during the beta -- more to come on that front).
  • We need 100 cc's of stats, STAT! We re-thought the balance and randomness on item stats and now allow your equipment to get multiple stacks of the same stat. We also opened up more stat possibilities on different types of equipment.
  • Eight additional Trinkets that power-up your Fire, Electric, Poison, and Ice attacks have made their way to your recipe lists. These trinkets will let you double-down on elemental damage, so you can finally BURN DOWN THE PLANET!

The Juicemancy Update will be landing on Woanope in early December, but we'll be entering beta soon to finalize everything and test all the great new features. Keep an eye on the blog and your email-inbox to be apprised of openings in the beta.


This past weekend we partook in a little thang called the Saint Louis Scatterjam! It's an annual event wherein a bunch of us Saint Louisans make games over 48 hours for fun. Our game is called BEDTY THE YEDTI. If you've ever wanted to learn about global warming, the power of rock-hard abs, investment banking, backflips, compound interest, and the exact orbital altitude of the International Space Station... now's your chance!

Want to get your hairy Yedti paws on a copy of Bedty the Yedti? Head over to our freshly-polished ITCH.IO page and get it! It's free! (Windows only) Bedty the Yedti is suitable for children up to 76 years of age.


Local film studio Forever an Astronaut has been hard at work on a cool new series called "Dev Diary." It follows a bunch of game developers from the Saint Louis area. And the first season is all about the story of Crashlands! But that doesn't come out until January 21, so in the meantime, we'll all have to be satisfied with these cool mini-episodes the FAA folks have been creating. Like this one!