The weekly recap is your chance to peer into the souls of the bscotch team and learn about our deepest, darkest secrets.

Humble GameMaker Bundle

People on the internet frequently say things like “HEY, BUTTERSCOTCH. YOU NEED TO ADD QUADRUPLE-JUMP SCREENSHAKE 420-NO-SCOPING TO THIS CRAFTING GAME.” Well, now those people can implement their ill-conceived design ideas themselves! The Humble GameMaker Bundle launched on Tuesday, offering pay-what-you-want access to GameMaker, along with source code for a handful of GameMaker games, including our own Flop Rocket, Extreme Burger Defense, ShepHard, and Freeway Mutant. GET IT NOW AND GO MAKE SOME GAMES.

Crashlands Creator preview

We showed off the Crashlands Creator at PAX last weekend, and TouchArcade posted a preview of it. The campaign modding tool is still in its awkward adolescent growing stage, but we’re planning to get the beta started within the next few months. Request a beta invite here.


Cow-in-a-tornado-from-the-movie-Twister Speaking of PAX, we’re still recovering from getting tossed around that whirlwind of incredible games like a farm animal in a midwestern tornado. We got a chance to meet fans, get to know a ton of new folks, and watch piles of people be confounded by controller support. Carol also managed to destroy her voice singing Bohemian Rhapsody, so overall we’d say it was a successful convention. You can hear the bros chat about their perspective of the show on this week’s podcast.

Controller support alpha

Playtesting controller support at PAX was really helpful for us to nail down the most unpolished bits of the alpha. Seth’s been putting together some fixes and plans to make the controller support launch REAL EXCITING for everyone. In the meantime, Windows users can still access the controller alpha on Steam to check it out and give us feedback. controlleralpha (To access the alpha channel, right-click Crashlands in your Steam library and open “Properties.” Slap that “Betas” tab and switch from boring old “NONE” to the “Controllers” option.)