Welcome to 20GRIND-TEEN!

At the conclusion of every year we pick a word to encapsulate the upcoming year, and our plans for it. This year we thought long and hard about what guiding - and rhyming - force we wanted to bring into 2019. Among the candidates we chose from were 20Prime-teen, 20Grind-teen, and 20Crime-teen. After much debate and several visits to rhyming dictionaries, we've decided to celebrate the Grind with 20Grind-teen. (Besides, if 2019 doesn't work out we can always do 20Crime-teen and start hackin' mainframes.)

The Grind is that magical time when you're actively shaping your future. It's where the rubber meets the road, where dreams meet reality, and where things get done. Plus, a lesser known benefit of the grind is that if you stay at it for long enough you'll find your nose sharpened into a sword-like protuberance that can spear a salmon straight from the water. Talk about a superpower!

Get your 20Grind-teen off to a great start with a listen to our first podcast episode of 2019, in which we discuss our plans for the year and why it's best to get your bananas pre-punched from the grocery store. Fair warning - we are prone to swearing, so if you've got a kiddo around maybe save this one for your morning commute.


Look at that Levelhead concept

Speaking of grinds, let's talk about Levelhead. Specifically - where does Levelhead take place?


Concept of the Levelhead Division space station, with planet Woanope in the background

The Levelhead Division is a subcorporation under the Bureau of Shipping - the same company that sent Flux hurtling past Woanope in the events of Crashlands. After reviewing the situation that led to Flux becoming marooned on an undocumented planetary body, the Bureau of Shipping has decided to heavily invest in robotic couriers who can solve the infamous "last mile" problem.

As it turns out, the best way to get a package from a space warehouse to someone's front door is to shoot it out of an orbital cannon. The problem - cannons don't have the best aim. Solution: Shoot a robot out of the cannon, too, and make it find the package and complete the last leg of the journey!

The Levelhead Division is the test chamber for GR-18's, those robotic couriers tasked with closing the delivery gap. Employees of the division (Levelheads) build obstacle courses on the surface of planet Woanope, then fire both Package and GR-18's to the level for testing. The goal of the division: to prepare every GR-18 for on-time package delivery... no matter what. As the Bureau claims:

"Neither snow nor rain nor flamethrowers nor violent megapredators shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

Back to the Grind

Welcome to 20Grind-teen. We're working as quickly as we can to get Levelhead into your hands. In the meantime, celebrate the new year, make big plans, and enjoy the warmth that comes from getting close to the grindstone.

Stay frosty,


Buttergrind Shenanistone