HEYOOO! The whole Butterscotch crew will be attending Pixelpop Festival in St. Louis on August 5th & 6th! Even better, Adam, one of the founding brothers, will be debuting a new talk called Thinking. It’s harder than you think: Making decisions in the face of uncertainty. His talk takes attendees on a mental adventure through the science, philosophy, and psychology of making decisions in life, business, and games. The end goal: empower people to use the uncertainty of life to their advantage.

Here’s a small taste of Adam’s talk to get your BLOOD PUMPIN’! quote

So mysterious! So alluring! If you’re unfamiliar with our talks, check out these two inspirational speeches from previous events: The Last Game I Make Before I Die & Do What You Want.

Do yourself a favor if you’re nearby and grab some tickets to the event! Or, if you can’t make it physically, sign-up for an email alert and we’ll let you know when Adam’s talk goes online!

Here’s our schedule for talks and panels:

"Thinking. It's harder than you think." Adam Coster Saturday, August 5, 3-3:50pm, Main Stage

“Balancing Work & Life in Games” Panel Monique Parasram, Studio Wrangler Saturday, August 5, 4-4:50pm, Main Stage

“What you wish you knew getting started as an Indie” Panel Sam Coster Sunday, August 6, 1:30-2:20pm, Main Stage

Dev Diary screening / Q&A Sam Coster Sunday, August 6, 3:30-5pm, Main Stage

We’ll see you there… WON’T WE!? Stay frosty, Byorkinscotch Shelldangerangs