Levelhead is coming to the SWITCH!

The Switch will be our 4th launch platform for Levelhead and our first ever launch-day console release. We're so excited for this studio milestone, and even more excited to be working with Nintendo.

We practically grew up as gamers on the old-school Gameboy. Our parents got those devices to keep us quiet during long road trips or errand runs. We weren't allowed to play them outside the car - a rule we quickly subverted by getting into the car hours in advance of a trip "so we wouldn't hold anyone up." Kirby, Pokemon, Metroid, Wario... we played everything we could get our hands on, and even had a few of those hilarious magnifying lense and snake-light accessories.

And now, 20 years on, we get to bring one of our own creations to not just a console, but the Switch - the one console that people can take on their commute, just like we did growing up! The Switch is just the perfect freakin' fit and we couldn't be more pleased! WAAAHOOOOO!

If you're a fresh arrival to the idea of Levelhead, go on over to the subreddit for more in-depth bits about the game, join the discord to chat with other Levelheads, and sign-up for email updates so you don't miss a beat. PLUS! If you're really hungry for knowledge, be sure to listen to our weekly podcast where we discuss the game's development!

We'll also be at PAX West this weekend, demoing the game to a few press outlets and otherwise just sneaking around. If you're in Seattle be sure to get in touch @bscotchshenani!