This week we had our first go at WHAT'S THAT?! The objects were the following:

what's that 1

The true nature of each item and our favorite community guesses follow!

Trinket - Davy Lamp

  • Function - Grants huge fire resistance to the player.
  • Compendium entryWith this beautiful, ornate lamp at your side, you suddenly feel less afraid of fire.
  • Dev background - We needed something that would help against Tartils, the first fire enemy players encounter in the game. After a bit of research we came across the Davy Lamp, a device which coal miners used to stop themselves from exploding in the mines. It uses a metal mesh that encloses a constant flame to burn away flammable gases. The mesh reduces the heat transferred outside the lamp, thereby denying the very gas that burns inside from igniting outside. SUPER NEATO!
  • Best guess submitted by Karbonation"dragon lantern ... Protects you from fire damage?"

What are you, a PROPHET, KARBONATION!? This was a shockingly close guess, function wise. Though it's actually made of scales from fishing, yellow gems, and glotus berries. NO DRAGONS HERE! (YET.)

Creature - Satgat

  • Function - Fires his hat in boomerang fashion through the player and anyone else. Loves to make cute noises.
  • Compendium entryKnown as the most awkward of creatures, the Satgat hides behind its pointy hat to make sure nobody sees its puzzled expression.
  • Dev background - The Satgat's name originates from the traditional east-asian conical hats worn to keep out the sun. Satgat is the korean term for such a hat, and one we found best suited for this little fella!
  • Best guess submitted by Mea'eshana PhoenixFire - "FlapBat"

This little critter is FLAPPY indeed, though he follows more in the wormy/bug category than the bat category (we've already got that one covered in a very, very evil way). Check him out without his deadly hat, and with his belly button exposed!

satgat standby | such awkward. |

Device - Blinding Mirror

  • Function - Blinds a single enemy for a short duration, causing them to either miss their attack or fire wildly.
  • Compendium entryTemporarily blind your opponents by hitting them directly in the eyes with this fashionable mirror for X damage!
  • Dev background - The blinding mirror is an unwieldy, semi-reflective hand mirror. After we arted it we realized it is better served knocking the lights out of enemies than actually bending light, so now the player just whaps enemies in the face with it.
  • Best guess submitted by **Joe J - **_"That device looks half like a mirror, half like a giant blob of butter on a frying pan..."_

Got it nearly right, Joe J. We decided it WAS more of a frying pan after it was arted, and made it a more melee-style blinding weapon. Smack enemies in the face with it, out go the lights!

Tomorrow we'll have What is THAT!? #2 up. Keep your guesses coming!