WHAT IS THAT?! #2 is over! Let's take a look... at the scores.

what's that 2

Component - Nitro

  • Function - Allows for the crafting of several fire-based items. Super flammable. Also tastes like OJ.
  • Compendium entry - This compound burns you hand when you touch it. It also explodes when you touch it. Basically, don't touch it.
  • Dev background - The Gassak plants that litter the Savannah naturally extract huge amounts of gas from the soil. This gas is trapped inside inflatable sacks along the body of the plant. Once properly removed (WITH CARE!),  these sacks and their flammable components can be distilled at a chemworks to make some SWEET EXPLOSIVES. Because we always need more explosives.
  • Best guess submitted by Nishant Ganesh - "amber amulet used to build fire based weapons/ items"

ACCURATE AS A NO-SCOPE HEADSHOT, NISHANT. Except for the amulet part. Don't wear this. It'll explode you.

Creature - Snorble

  • Function - Snorbles suck in huge amounts of air and mix it with a disgusting amount of mucus. The resulting concoction is then blasted out in a deadly arc.
  • Compendium entry - Snorbles are incredibly violent creatures when provoked, but really they just like snuggling.
  • Dev background - "SHOTGUN KIRBY" was the idea here. We wanted to experiment with some other attack methods and the first that came up was a sort of 'cleave' pattern. We ran with the idea and ended up with something pretty gross and really fun to interact with. He also makes an excellent pet.
  • Best guess submitted by Karbonation - "Fwezah the Sucker, Friezas little brother that he doesnt like talking about for obvious reasons. Winner of best nintendo cosplay 2005 as Kirby"

Karbonation is at it again with creepy insight. This time, not particularly about the function of the beast but rather about its origin point. STAAAAAAAAAAAAAHP.

Structure - Scarecrow

  • Function - Decorative. The wompit heart sewn inside still beats. EWWW.
  • Compendium entry - Unfortunately there are no crows on this planet, so this item is probably useless. Still, it looks totally rad.
  • Dev background - The Scarecrow actually started as a functional housing item, back when we were dabbling with the idea of making the housing into a tower-defense-esque nightly game. As it turned out, that was a horrible idea. The Scarecrow originally caused aggressive creatures to move away, but is now strictly a cool trophy to place out amongst your gardens.
  • Best guess submitted by Arnon Enez - "Stick of Terror - Protects the Survivor and his property by feeling the hearts of his enemies with terror!"

Arnon nailed the original function. Alas, constraints have made this once functional object into nothing more than a stickman. BUT IT'S STILL AWESOOOOOOOOME.

Stay tuned on Monday for #3!