WHAT'S THAT?! #3 is complete. This also marks the final entry in the series. Thanks to everyone for playing!

Let's take a look...at the scores.


Weapon - Wobblygong

  • Function - For beating the pants off of things. It's an AXE type weapon, meaning it has natural crit built in. Aww yiss, those crits.
  • Compendium entry - It's not happy about being caught, so you might as well beat things with it.
  • Dev background - The Wobblygong is one of 3 legendary weapons that can only be found while fishing. The others, found in the second and third biomes, seem to fit nicely alongside this one... perhaps you can MEGAZORD THEM!?
  • Best guess submitted by Kiwicat4444 - "sickeel : This legendary weapon can paralyze foes. A sickle made out of an ancient eel. It looks angry because it paralyzed itself a decade ago."

The idea that it accidentally perma-paralyzed itself had us cracking up, and we think is probably likely GIVEN HOW ABSURDLY BAMFY THIS WEAPON IS. Nice job, Kiwicat.

Resource - Nurva

  • Function - It's found in the Bawg and is the provider of electrical wiring (positive and negative) as well as electrical insulation.
  • Compendium entry - Nurva are the dendrites of neurons that have somehow managed to protrude from the flesh of the Bawg. They crackle with electricity!
  • Dev background - The Bawg is a big, living creature, spread out across an ancient marsh. We wanted to pull heavily from real biology for the structures you find there and make some neat things. The Nurva is inspired by neuron cells and all their wondrous functions.
  • Best guess submitted by Karbonation - "Heart Hibiscus. Some say its good for your heart and blood health, but most just say it heals you."

Structure - Waystone

  • Function - Teleporter.
  • Compendium entry - None.
  • Dev background - Waystones are one of the few things that have stuck to the game through the course of development. We knew we wanted to have a teleporter network that was player created, but also wanted to have a bit of luck thrown in. Waystones are found sporadically out in the world and offer a hefty addition to the player's teleporter network, relieving the burden on them for creating the expensive teleporter structures and throwing in some fun randomness to spice things up.
  • Best guess submitted by Arnon Enez - "Luminous Stones, Decorative. Provides beautiful lights to it's surroundings."

The waystones do indeed glow, so it's actually easier (though more dangerous) to find them at night rather than during the day!

Thanks to everyone for sticking around, we're going to go grind our faces into the game before betalpha selection. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!