Summer time is full of critical decisions: Strawberry Daiquiri or Piña Colada? One-piece or five-piece? Sunglasses or cataracts at the age of 40?

While we can't help with most of these decisions, when it comes to your July 12th weekend plans, we've got you covered.

Come Jam with us on July 12-14!

Shenanijam Logo

Why settle for a beach-bod when you can get a JAM-BOD? Join us on July 12-14 for a weekend of game-making mayhem just like the one that started our studio nearly 7 years ago! The Shenanijam is our annual game-making event, where we join with our community for a 48 hour creative explosion. Never made a game? Time to dive strive into the deep end! Sign up and find teammates over at, and chat with the rest of the community via the discord.

Check out the Top 10 games from last year's jam in this Let's Play for some inspiration!

Levelhead's on sale because it's soooo hottttt

How the dinosaurs died.

The Steam Summer Sale is here, and with it comes a discount on Levelhead! And what great timing too, considering that Rock Paper Shotgun just had this to say about our game-baby:

"Levelhead is a spectacularly strange and varied thing... it’s an impulsive and endearing platformer, drip-fed by a genius hoard of masochistic level designers."

HOOHOO YAAAYUS, PRESS! And we've added a ton of new features to the game in the last few weeks, including fancy wooden tiles and control over the camera zoom so you can make your Hollywood dreams come true.

Snag Levelhead on Steam before the heat dissipates and you're left standing by the pool with a clammy bathing suit plastered to your bod!


Try out the new Levelhead Demo!

We danced our bods under the light of the waxing moon

We chanted the words "Plz no bugs" in unison until a great voice swelled between us

We clacked keyboards to the rhythm of a Blue Whale's heart beat

Lo! Behold! A demo we have summoned for the Summer Solstice!

At least we're pretty sure it was a demo - if we got the runes wrong we may have summoned something called Balthrazafor of the Infinite Darkness onto the internet. But let's be real, the internet is a far darker place than Hades -- Balthrazafor is locked in here with us. TAKE THAT, DEMON!

Check out the Levelhead PC demo on itch, and while you're there take a look at the free, 60 page Crashlands comic we've got just sittin' there, awaiting your touch.