Be among the first 50 players in the world to experience Levelhead

The Butterscotch Shenanicon is our first ever fan-focused convention, taking place on October 20th in St. Louis. It's guaranteed to be a half-day of fun, celebration, and good old-fashioned gaming. Grab a ticket to claim your spot for:

  • Exclusive hands-on play with Levelhead, our upcoming creative platformer
  • Live demos and special announcements about Levelhead and Crashlands
  • A meet and greet with the devs behind the games: Adam, Seth, Sam, and Shi
  • A live podcast recording of Coffee with Butterscotch, the game dev comedy podcast hosted by the co-founding brothers of Butterscotch
  • And a whole bunch of delicious St. Louis food.

Not sure where to stay? What to eat? What else to do in St. Louis? We got you covered. Visit to discover all the goodness a weekend in our city can bring you. And then

Shenanicon Ticket

Can't make it to the con, but still want Levelhead early?

Throw your hat into the ANTI-BUG SQUAD ring. Fill out this form to be considered for upcoming betas of Levelhead - we'll notify you if you're selected once the game hits beta status!

May your week be filled with appropriately hot beverages that you can drink immediately,


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