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I'm having a problem with my Cloud Save using BscotchID.

Current versions of Crashlands should pop up alerts when save syncs succeed or fail, so you should always know if the system is working. Cloud Saves are only available for players who have logged in with BscotchID, verified ownership (automatic on Steam, the App Store, and the latest Google Play versions; otherwise requires manually supplying order numbers or GoG keys), and moved an active save into a Cloud Save slot. To turn a local save into a Cloud Save, go to the Saves menu from the title screen, select the save, and send it to the cloud!

Note that cloud saves are always available locally, even when you aren’t online. They aren’t played from the cloud, they are simply backed up there.

The most commonly seen cloudsave problem isn’t a problem at all: upon freshly logging into a new Crashlands installation, the game might not retrieve your saves the first time it tries. Poke the “Sync Saves” button to force that to happen, or try restarting the game.

The other common problem, sadly, is people thinking they have uploaded their saves when they actually haven’t. This can result in a lot of heartache. Your saves are only uploaded if you put them into your Cloud Saves slots, and we have no way to get them for you if you haven’t done that. Similarly, if you move your cloudsave back to local, or delete your cloud save, it is permanently removed from our servers and we can’t recover them for you.

Note: We will delete cloudsaves from pirated copies of Crashlands. This won’t affect your local copy.