Bscotch Help & Support

How do I get people to play my levels?

If you play other people's levels, you earn Exposure Bucks. Those Exposure Bucks can be put into your level or others you like and boost them up the charts in the Marketing Department, which gets your level seen by more people. You're also welcome to share your levels in the Level Sharing forum using the sharecode on your level.

You'll also be able to see the stats accumulated on your levels, like total plays and time spent playing your levels. It's great to see those numbers go up!

When you click on the sharecode of a level inside the game it will copy a link for that level that you can share outside the game. When others visit that URL they'll land on our website, where they'll be able to log in and then bookmark your level, causing it to appear in their bookmarks the list the next time they open the game. On console we can't copy that link for sharing -- you can create the link yourself using this template: (for example: for level sharecode 2njlkjk).

You can share your profile the same way using your Rumpus Lookup code using this template: (for example: