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[Windows] The game is running slowly, stuttering, or hitching

Make sure your OS and video drivers are totally up to date and you're using your dedicated GPU. You can also go into the game's Settings and tweak the graphical settings in a variety of ways, including swapping between Fullscreen and non-Fullscreen modes.

If you are on a 4k monitor and the above doesn't work, you may find that reducing your desktop resolution resolves the issue.

We have also found that with some video cards, running Netflix, Hulu, or other browser-based streaming services -- even in the background, and even while they are paused -- can cause the game to stutter. Try closing down those tabs in your browser and see if that helps!

Last, in some cases, having a monitor with a higher refresh rate than 60hz can cause the game to lag, slow down, or stutter. Try setting your monitor's refresh rate to 60hz.