Bscotch Help & Support

Find out if we have data about you

If you have a BscotchID and/or Rumpus account, then YES, we have data about you (how to download your data)! If you do not have accounts with us, then we only have data about you if you have directly emailed us, filled out one of our forms/surveys, or otherwise explicitly shared something with us.

If you have deleted your BscotchID/Rumpus account(s), all associated data has been deleted or anonymized, or will be deleted within 30 days if it is in log files or backups. Non-account data (such as direct emails or surveys you've sent us) are not deleted by account deletion, so you'll have to contact us to find out if and what data we have. You'll first need to verify your identity by signing into Rumpus (you can always delete the Rumpus account later) and sending us the information request.

If you want to purge your account and all associated data, see the relevant help section.