Bscotch Help & Support

Who we share your data with

As our Privacy Policy fully explains, we don't share your data with 3rd parties for marketing or related purposes. We do not sell your data. We do use 3rd party services to process and store your data (for example, to send emails and to host our web services), but those 3rd parties have extremely limited access to your data and are only allowed to use it on our behalf for purposes we explicitly allow, for example to help us fix bugs or recover lost data.

In general, we only collect enough information to verify your identity (via your email address), to provide services for you (via BscotchID and Rumpus), and to understand how our services are being used in the aggregate (via access logs, telemetry, and similar). We might share aggregate data with other 3rd parties, but if so that data will only contain averages and similar kinds of metrics that cannot be used to identify you or your account specifically.