Bscotch Help & Support

Why did you auto-unsubscribe me from the Ballyhoo?

We only send you emails that you either want or need. It's easy to manage your subscriptions, and we have robots that auto-unsubscribe you if you aren't opening our emails (since we figure you don't want them).

Our robots are doing their best, but sometimes they auto-unsubscribe people who do want our emails. If that's you, one of the following happened:

  1. Your email provider is preventing you from seeing our emails. Emails may be going into spam or a folder you don't normally check, or your provider might be completely blocking them. Make sure is in your contact list, re-subscribe, and otherwise use your email provider's support to find out how to keep this from happening.
  2. Your email provider is blocking the images in our emails, probably because you've asked it to. Our robots use those images plus internet magic to determine if you open our emails, and auto-unsubscribe you if you don't open them. If you do want our emails, and also want to continue blocking images, you can opt out of the auto-unsub system via the "Automatic Unsubscribes" section of the newsletter management page.
  3. Something might be broken on our end. If you have been getting and opening our emails, and are not blocking images, then Adam (our web developer) probably did something dumb. Please let him know so we can get it fixed, and otherwise opt out of Automatic Unsubscribes as above.