Bscotch Help & Support

What does connecting Rumpus to other services do?

You've spent years using other rad services in games and on the Internet. We don't want you to have leave all that cool stuff behind when you play our games and use our services, so we'll try to find useful ways to connect Rumpus (and by extension our games) to existing services. For example, you can put verified social media links up on your Levelhead profile by connecting those social media accounts to Rumpus, so that people who like the levels you make can find you on other services. You can also connect to platform accounts to simplify login and allow you to carry your game progress across platforms.

Privacy is important to us: we treat your data exactly the way we want our own data to be treated. When you connect a 3rd party account to your Rumpus account, we only store exactly the information we need to provide useful functionality to you. By default your username (or other identifiers) are not visible to other users, but you may have the option to make them public. If you mark a connected account as "public" we may display the username for that account, or a link to your profile page for that account, throughout our games and services (such as on your Levelhad profile page).

You can disconnect a connected account at any time, and when you do so we'll immediately delete your username, credentials, and other data obtained from that connected account. Note that some data might still be stored in our logs, backups, or in caches after we have deleted it, so it may take some time to be fully purged from all of our systems.