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Why can't a I log in with a password?

Rumpus is a completely password-free system. Why? It turns out that passwords are more of a security risk than they are a benefit, because most people choose bad passwords and then immediately forget them. Not you, of course; you choose the most amazing and uncrackable passwords in the universe! But literally everyone else chooses bad passwords, so if we even make that an option then all those other users' accounts will be less secure. See the Security page.

The exception to our no-passwords policy is BscotchID, which we only allow because otherwise some users would completely lose access to their accounts. It's likely we'll phase that option out over time.

We've made login as convenient as possible by allowing logins to work remotely: if you log in using your email or Lookup Code, you can click the confirmation link from any device and still get logged in right where you started. In addition, we allow you to log into Rumpus using all kinds of services, so that you can complete the process in just a few clicks without having to remember anything!