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How do Platform Connections (Cross-Play) work?

Each platform (Steam, Nintendo Switch, the App Store, etc) has its own player network and different limitations for allowing other login systems. Rumpus bridges all platforms by serving as a centralized hub for all your Butterscotch Shenanigans game data. By connecting your Rumpus account to an existing platform account, you'll be able to log into your Rumpus account on that platform. You can also sign into our website using any connected platform accounts. All of this makes signing into Rumpus super simple without sacrificing your data portability.

When you log into Rumpus using a platform account, that account sends us a unique identifier representing you on the platform. We store that identifier so that we know it's you when you log into Rumpus. The platform account may also send us a verified email address. During registration we may add those verified email addresses to your Rumpus account, which you can manage on your account settings page.

Some platforms, such as Steam, double as social networks, and so we may give you the option to make the connected platform account "public", which means that it may show up on your Levelhead profile page or in other publicly visible places.

You can disconnect your platform accounts from Rumpus at any time. When you do, we'll delete the unique identifier we're storing (you'll have to separately delete your email addresses) and you'll no longer have access to your Rumpus data using that platform account.