Bscotch Help & Support

What's a Rumpus Alias?

When you joined Rumpus, we gave you a "Rumpus Alias" (you can change it in your account settings). This is the default nickname that you will see on the website and inside our games, but it usually won't be what other users see. You'll end up with character names and other nicknames/aliases depending on the games and services you use, and your fellow players may see those instead.

Your Rumpus Alias is purely cosmetic: you cannot log in with it, and other users cannot look you up using your Alias. That's what the Lookup Code is for!

Your Rumpus Alias (and any other character name or nickname you choose) is subject to our Code of Conduct. We take this extremely seriously; violations of our Code of Conduct may result in temporary or permanent suspension of your account.