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  The Bscotch Ballyhoo

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The Bscotch Ballyhoo is an action-packed tome of sneak peaks, community achievements, and major announcements (like Levelhead milestones!) sent straight to your inbox. These typically come out every 4-6 weeks, though a few times a year they'll come weekly if we've got big things going on (like a game launch).

  Dev Chats

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Get lost in the weeds with our experimental Dev Chat newsletter. We'll be mostly talking about gamedev, webdev, and running a game studio. It'll get really technical sometimes. There will be puns and bad jokes. We'll try to have something for everyone in each post. Everyone who's into what we're into, anyway. Is that you? Subscribe to find out!

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We know that no matter how much you love our games and want to support us, it's not always easy to scrape the money together. To make our games more accessible we have fairly regular discounts. Subscribe to get alerts when that happens!

  Rumpus Community Edition

Rumpus CE and Delegation Keys allow the community to make awesome stuff using our tech. Subscribe to get alerts about upcoming Rumpus CE changes, and to hear about cool stuff the community has created.

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